5 Things: The iPhone Edition

Let’s just cut to the chase, shall we? 🙂

1.      New dock connector (aka Lighting)

I know, I know, a few people are not too excited with Apple’s new dock connector. The thought of having an adaptor attached to your old docking system is underwhelming, to put it mildly. However, we need to think long term here. It’s been 9 years since Apple first introduced the old docking connector and Apple has indicated that the new docking connector is going to stay for a while. It’s smaller, reportedly faster, and best thing of all: reversible! How many times you have to guess which side to put the connector in in the dark? Heck, I’ve seen some even broke the pins due to excessive mismatch. This new one is going to be a breeze, plug and play at its most simplistic form.

2.      Camera

Again, some may disagree with this (cue iPhone 4S owners), but despite its similarities to iPhone 4S’ camera specs, Apple promise a much-improved low light picture quality. The new A6 chip includes a feature to significantly lower noise (picture noise, that is) as well. Of course, it’s just all talk at this point, but any significant improvement over iPhone’s current camera (especially under low light condition) is a welcome.

3.      Matte Aluminum finish

Other than cosmetics, this can only mean one thing: fewer fingerprints! One thing I hate about iPhone 4/4S design is the glossy finish of Apple’s otherwise great durable glass. It attracts fingerprints like no other. With this new matte (and aluminum, yippie yay!) finish, we can worry less about fingerprints and cleanups. A definite win for me on that front!

4.      Taller, but both thinner AND lighter!

There are some pros and cons regarding Apple’s decision to change the screen dimension. I’m somewhat neutral in this case since they have decided to keep the width, which won’t change the natural fit much. There are no pros and cons about it being both thinner and lighter, however. This is truly an engineering marvel. How can a bigger product be thinner and lighter at the same time? Almost 2mm thinner and 30gr lighter than the previous model. This change is my personal favorite, ‘nuff said!

5.      Cosmetics, finish, and fit

This is entirely subjective, but I’m in the opinion that this is the best iPhone design since The One That Changed It All in 2007. For me, nothing beats the original iPhone’s design. Finally, aluminum is back (although I’m not so sure why apple decided to keep both ends with glass/ceramic) and hopefully it will stay there in future iterations. Another win for me is the mirror-like bezel. Watching the cutting process on Apple’s website, you cannot help but admire the effort that Apple put into the manufacturing process. This is a high-end smartphone and it should look, and feel, like one. Apple have done an amazing job this time.

That’s my take on Apple’s new iPhone 5. There are a few other things such as: LTE, bigger screen, new earphones, new A6 chip, etc; but while I welcome them happily, I can only put 5 on my list J

Cheers, and let me know what you think!


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