5 Things: Why I should Re-Visit London

1. Windsor Castle & Eton
I had to remove Windsor Castle from my itinerary due to an unexpected schedule change. It was either Liverpool FC or Windsor, of course I picked the former. I’ll definitely visit Windsor on my 2nd visit.

2. London shopping streets
Bond St, Regent St, Carnaby St. I went to these places, but only for a few hours. There’s just too much to see with such limited time that I had. You could spend the whole day there and it won’t be enough.

3. The backside of Parliament Building, London Eye, & Westminster Abbey Tour
Again, time wasn’t on our side. I absolutely love the structure and history of great churches, and Westminster Abbey is one of them.

4. London food
I spent days to come up with a list of restaurants that I wanted to try in London (30+ restaurants!). Again, we had to rush everything and never found the time to put our activity aside and experience what London has to offer.

5. London’s West End Theatre
Last but definitely not least! This was among the top of my list as I haven’t seen a proper play for ages! When I saw those half-price tickets @ Leicester Square, I said to myself, “Next time, Ray. Next time!”

Yup, I will DEFINITELY come back for a 2nd visit. London is such a great city. I could easily spend a full week without missing a beat here!


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