8 Reasons why you should get iPhone 4

1. New Design
I’m a minimalist type of guy. I don’t like buttons when it comes to cellphones, well, to anything really. So when Apple introduced the first iPhone, I was completely blown away by its sheer simplicity. One HOME button and that’s about it. The new iPhone 4 offers a completely new design that takes away its curvy edges with a bolder, boxy design. It’s 22% thinner than the previous model, makes it the thinnest smartphone on the market today. The biggest change, however, is the durable glass material on the front and back of the device. The so-called aluminosilicate glass is 20 times stiffer and 30 times stronger than plastic, according to Apple. The iPhone 4 is smaller, lighter, more durable, and above all, looks more awesome than ever!
2. 960×640 resolution w/ Retina Display technology
Apple has set a new benchmark in mobile screen technology. The previous winner, OLED, seen on Google’s Nexus One and Motorola Droid is capable of giving a highly respectable 800 to 854 x 480 native resolutions, which are roughly 255 ppi (Pixels per Inch). While calling it Retina Display is a somewhat-overblown hype, no one can complain about iPhone 4’s super-crisp 960×640 resolution display with 800:1 contrast ratio. It translates to a whopping 326 ppi, that’s almost 70 ppi more than its nearest rivals. While its quality over direct sunlight is still unknown, playing games and graphic apps is going to be a blast!
3. Camera
It has always been one of iPhone’s strongest points and also one of its biggest flaws. With its 3MP camera, the iPhone 3GS is able to take quality pictures that many smartphones can only dream of. Problem is, when it comes to low light environment, iPhone camera is virtually unusable. Finally, Apple has included an LED flash along with its revamped 5MP camera. It promises a whole new experience in low light environment, a feature we all want to see since the release of iPhone 3G. Up to 5x digital zoom only makes it even more compelling!
4. iMovie & HD video
With superior resolution, HD video is only to be expected (although 30fps is quite impressive!) The inclusion of iMovie, however, really takes its video capability to another level. Not only you can record and crop, you can also edit, add background music, templates, almost everything that a native iMovie offers, at the palm of your hand J
5. iOS 4
Nothing new here, but highly anticipated nonetheless. While Multitasking and background mode are not groundbreaking, iPhone owners can finally be satisfied with this enhancement. Apple has successfully refined what seems to be lacking from its OS.

6. Front-faced camera & FaceTime
It takes someone like Steve Jobs to implement a technology that has been lying around for a while, into a thoroughly groundbreaking feature. Front-faced camera is an old technology, yet people have always been skeptical of its usage. Do you really need it? What’s the quality will be like? Well, they shouldn’t worry now (in the US at least). It will change how we connect to each other. Video conferencing is going to be a breeze with minimum setup; we don’t have to be facing our PC or laptop when making video calls. The world is going mobile; iPhone 4 gives you a glimpse of the future, right now.
7. Better battery life
If there is one thing I anticipated the most about iPhone 4’s unveiling, it’s the battery life. Smartphones aren’t “smart” enough when it comes to battery life. Apple promises better battery life by including a relatively bigger Lithium Ion battery. It still falls somewhat short of my expectation, but a 40% increase in talk time and a couple of hours extra in video playback & wifi are more than reasonable, for now.
8. Apple’s A4 chip
This new A4 chip is fast, snappy, and power friendly, as most iPad users would agree. The processor would handle features like multitasking, background, video recording and editing better than its predecessors. I’m quite happy with my 3GS performance, and I can safely assume I’d be happier with iPhone 4’s overall experience. June 24th, I can’t wait!


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