Clash of the Titans Review

It happened again. I finally decided to watch a movie against my own will. I mean, the day I watched Transformers 2 was the day I submitted myself to Rotten Tomatoes’ rating. The more movies I watch, the more I realize that I actually love watching them for their depth and substance, not entertainment.

Indeed, depth and substance are the main aspects to RT’s rating. The critics at RT are a bunch of serious folks. Oscar-minded individuals who worship wit and intelligence and discredit plot less, uninsightful movies.
Clash of the Titans is exactly the sort of movie that ignores the above aspects and focuses merely on its entertainment value. It deserves a 30% rating from RT, just like Transformers 2 deserves its pitiful 17%. Corny dialogues, broken acts, very bad editing, even the script was so bad it’s like watching a video game. I’m totally fine with the idea that good guys in movies always get what they want. But every decent movie has a certain way of telling HOW these guys get it. The very first appearance of Io is a good example. She just came out of the blue to stop Perseus from attacking Hades. At the very least, there should be subtle pauses between her hand gesture, sound effects, and finally her facial appearance. For me, small things like that matters a lot. Most scenes in this movie offer very little build-up, that’s why the movie seems disconnected from one scene to another. “There’s no time, Perseus. The eclipse is coming,” and suddenly, POOF!, came along the Pegasus. “You may choose to stay, but I’m still your father,” BOOM!, Io was suddenly raised from the dead. Really, it was that kind of movie.
Now, a lot of us might ask: if this movie gets 30% on rating, then how the hell Avatar manages to score 80+%? For me, it’s a no-brainer. Without even touching the subject of CGI [graphics], Avatar covers most of the aspects that COTT clearly lacks. Unlike COTT, it’s not just a mere action movie with corny one-liners. Smooth dialog, constant connection between each scene, dynamic character development, and good build-up and twists leading up to an epic climax. As straightforward as it is, Avatar has done enough to be considered as a good movie. The supercalifragilisticexpialidocious CGI makes it a very good one, but Avatar can hold its own even without the CGI.
Enough with the technical aspects. What do I really think about Clash of the Titans? I must admit, I kind of enjoy the entertainment value from this particular movie. Surprisingly, I was able to put aside all the bad aspects and focused on the fighting scenes alone, which is what the movie is all about anyways. You might ask: so why do you still despise Transformers 2? It has great CGI and good all-round action, isn’t it? Well, it’s a valid point. I guess I can still tolerate COTT’s corny lines, storyline, broken scenes better than TR2’s despicable attempt (if we can even call it an attempt) to create a movie that’s literally watchable. TR2 was so indescribably awful that rages me every time someone brought it up. COTT isn’t much better, but did just enough for me not to hate it as a whole.
Ray’s Meter: 6/10


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