Saung Greenville tonight!

Well, looks like the wait is almost over. I’ve heard about this place for a while (I’m sure most of you have heard about it as well!), yet this is going to be my first ever visit to this famous restaurant. Can’t wait for the famous Black Pepper Crab!

Updates, pics, will follow later!


Update 1: posted some pics from saung grenvil. I’m currently trying out wordpress for the iPhone, so bear with me πŸ™‚

Update 2: looks like the pics are uploaded correctly. iPhone WordPress app is awesome!

Food was good, although I don’t know whether it is really as good as advertised. I like the Saus Padang Crab the most: it’s sweet, tangy, hot, all the goodies combined into one! Unlike other hot and sour sauces, however, this sauce really gets into your tastebuds. I could just eat the sauce mixed with steamed rice and still find it delicious! The Black Pepper Crab wasn’t as good as I expected, I think I’ve had better ones. Smoked Crab is something new to me. It’s really good, but again, I have to compare it with other seafood joint in town. I’m a bit disappointed with the bamboo mussels. It wasn’t the taste that disappoint, but the presentation and the feeling you get after seeing tat they just probably boiled/steamed the mussels straight up and cover it with the sauce without any attempt of mixing it properly.

Female Crab with Padang Sauce: Padang Sauce was goood! We expected lots of crab eggs since we specifically ordered the more expensive female crab. We couldn’t find any eggs, however. The waiter said that it’s probably because we ordered a smaller portion. That doesn’t make any sense does it? Taste: 9, Overall Satisfaction: 7 (no eggs kinda killed our mood). Overall: 8

Bamboo Mussles: the sauce was somehow similar to Padang Sauce, albeit with less garlic. As I said earlier, the presentation was not up to the standard. Taste was nice, nonetheless. Taste: 8, Satisfaction: 6. Overall: 7

Kangkung w/ Terasi sauce: For those of you who aren’t familiar with terasi, it’s that disgusting looking, smelly shrimp paste πŸ™‚ I don’t know the proper English for kangkung (water spinach?), but the combination of the veggie and terasi is one of Indonesia’s favorite! Taste: 7.5, Satisfaction: 7.5. Overall: 7.5

Smoked Crab wrapped in (Banana?) Leaf: this dish is awesome! The first time I had this, I wonder why it took me so long to try. I’m definitely coming back for this! Taste: 9, Satisfaction: 9. Overall: 9.

This restaurant clearly lived up to its billing as one of the better seafood restaurant in J-Town. It specializes in crabs, although other dishes that we ordered (Grilled Fish, Calamari, and Kangkung) were good as well. Having said that, it didn’t really blow me away. Maybe I set my expectation too high in the first place.

Overall, I’d give this restaurant a rating of 7.5/10

Hope you enjoy my first food blog! Cheers!


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