Movie Review: G.I. Joe

I don’t have much to say about the movie really. I managed to stay away from RottenTomatoes for the sake of neutrality, a seemingly-neat idea which later proved to be pointless.

In contrast to my usual rants and ramblings, I think I have found a way to sum up my thoughts in a few sentences instead. You see, Transformers 2 has given me a new barometer of suckiness (that’s not even a word!). Hence, by saying that watching this 2-hour long movie was BARELY more manageable than enduring that grueling 2.5-hour of total disaster, I’ve already rested my case.
“Knowing is half the battle.” –General Hawk
“One great line does not make a good movie.” –One obnoxious reviewer
G.I, not so Joe afterall.


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