Public Enemy Review

The movie seems to have it all: great casts, solid director, and a fascinating true story. Johnny Depp as a gangster, you wouldn’t want to miss it for Sour Sally.

Having seen the movie, it didn’t disappoint. The acting was expected. Johnny Depp shows why he’s one of the most versatile actors around, Christian Bale lives for this kind of movie, and Marion Cottilard shows that she’s comfortable playing in an English-speaking movie.
The script itself was well written and straightforward. Dialogues ran smooth, editing was spot on as I couldn’t recall a scene that’s deemed surplus to requirements.
If there’s something I wasn’t really fond of, it was the plot, which was a little too slow for my liking. I can understand why some of us think the movie is a bit boring. A faster-paced environment might not be suitable, however, as this movie focuses on the life of Mr. Dillard and a great detail about his personality and devotion. The need to capture that good amount of details require a slower tempo for the character to develop.
The only explanation of why the plot seemed too slow, in my opinion, is the lack of dramatic scenes and suspense. This is where the movie went a bit flat. The bank robberies, the escapes, and the chasing of Mr. Dillinger they all seem too ordinary. In other words, it lacks the “Wow!” factor.
I can’t complain much about the rest of the movie though. There were some memorable scenes, most notably the scene where John Dillinger (THE most wanted criminal at the time) walks right into the so-called ‘John Dillinger Investigation Office’ inside the Chicago Police Department. That scene alone summed up the quality of this movie.
My verdict: it is a very good movie which lacks the “Wow!” factor.
Rating: B-

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