Transformers 2 Review

OK. I finally decided to watch TR2. I know, I said I wouldn’t, but I was so intrigued by (mostly) favorable comments on my Facebook. To be relatively unbiased, I had set a somewhat low expectation before I even entered the cinema. I also made a promise to keep myself sensible at all times, not allowing my premeditated judgement get the better of me.

On a sidenote, the cinema was awesome. Thanks to my friend, Reza, we got the best view in the house, the Upper Balcony! I’ve never seen a cinema with an upper balcony before, now I know why some say Indonesia (Jakarta to be precise) is heaven when it comes to entertainment. Guess what, that wasn’t even the best part. If the view was great, the seat was awesome. It’s like sitting on a business class of an airplane (maybe, I’ve never sat on one before). There’s even a retractor to rest your feet! WTH I felt like giving the movie an A just for the view & seat!
Now, back to the review.
Despite my low expectation, I always have a standard for a decent movie: plot, acting, and script. In other words, the movie has to have a flow, strong characters, and smooth interactions between characters in general. It may sound too much fow some of you, but hey, if Batman & Iron Man managed to create awesome superhero movies with all the aspects considered, why can’t I expect the same for Transformers?
Let’s jump right in, shall we?
1. Plot: Awful. It’s like they didn’t even edit the movie much. The scenes jumped without a proper direction. Two-and-a-half hours felt like an eternity because of that. It felt like they just put some of the scenes for no reason whatsoever.
2. Acting: Average. Shila (mind the spelling) LeBoef is a decent actor, but I doubt he will ever be a great one because of that baby look in him. He reminds me a bit of Leonardo DiCaprio: talented, yet too cute for my liking. Megan Fox was mediocre at best. Overall, the rest of the casts did the job without raising any eyebrows.
3. Script: It’s even sillier than the plot. It’s full of corny humors & cheesy conversations. That weed scene for example, was that even necessary? No, don’t tell me I don’t have a sense of humor. I wouldn’t be watching the likes of Superbad, Knocked Up, Pineapple Express, etc if I don’t have any. I always appreciate funny scenes on any type of movie, as long as it’s done at the right place with the right timing. The way Transformers executed theirs…it was just appalling.
Despite all that, I found a few good things about the movie:
1. Fight scenes: it’s definitely better than the first one. It’s amazing that nowadays people can just make a movie out of a cartoon with amazing details. Awesome stuff.
2. Visual effects: it’s unreal. Primus Optimus is a thing of a beauty. The way the cars transformed into robots was just awesome.
So, here’s my rating breakdown:
5% for the awesome view & seat.
5% for the decent acting.
15% for the fight scenes.
15% for the visuals.
Extra 10% for Megan Fox’s slo-mo running.
Total: 50%
Much better than RT’s rating of 22%, but it’s some way short of being a good movie.
Final verdict:
I think the movie is watchable if you don’t really care about the three points I’ve just addressed above. The action & effects alone are worth the ticket price. Megan Fox makes it feel even cheaper 🙂
For me personally, TR2 didn’t pass my PAS (Plot, Acting, Script) test despite my rather-low expectation. I have only one word to sum it all up: BUST.

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