5 (+1) Logical Steps to get Carloz Tevez without breaking the Bank

Carlos Tevez. Definitely a world-class player being underused at Man Utd. It’s a shame really, watching Berbatov walking around the pitch doing nothing, while Tevez is warming the bench anxiously waiting for his manager’s call. Just a slight thought of having him at Liverpool would excite most Liverpool fans, no doubt. Imagine, Torres and Tevez with Gerrard behind them. Full of energy, pace, and most importantly: quality!
If the rumors are true, we only have 20-25 million to spend this summer. United have to pay a total sum of 32 million for his service, a fee that they think it’s too high for a player like him (and they also thought 30 million for Berbatov was a bargain, look how it turned out).

Now, we clearly don’t have 32 million to spend, plus, I don’t think it’s wise for our club to concentrate on one special player, rather than getting 2-3 players that could really help the team this summer. We need to find cover (or a better player) for Arbeloa, and add more flair with a quality winger. How can we possibly get Tevez then?

Here’s how:
1. Sell Andrea Dossena: he might be better next season, but we also have a more matured Emiliano Insua. Fabio Aurelio’s form this season have been very good. Dossena is clearly dispensable, Juventus and other Serie A teams are reportedly monitoring his status. Worth: 5 million.
2. Sell Ryan Babel: it’s pain for me to see this talented player go. But his form this season has been disappointing. For all his talent, he’s yet to learn the game as a whole. He’s not selfish, but he SEEMS selfish because of his poor decisions. Worth: 9 million.
3. Sell Andrey Voronin: it’s obvious he doesn’t want to play for us. Good news is, he’s having a season of his life at Hertha Berlin. Moreover, he’s on a long-term contract with us. Worth: 4 million.
4. Sell Xabi Alonso: he’s clearly one of the best deep-lying playmaker in the game, if not the best. I’m a big fan of Alonso, he’s having a marvellous season with Liverpool. So why sell him? It’s pure based on economic decision. Gareth Barry is a different player, but assuming Benitez knows what he’s doing, he can be brought for around 12 million from Villa. Alonso’s value has raised considerably due to his eye-popping performances this season. Juventus are reportedly keen to splash out 20 million for his service. Worth: 20 – 12 (Barry fee) = 8 million.
5. Sell other fringe players: Sebastian Leto has yet to prove himself at Liverpool, but sorry to say, we don’t have time for unproven players. Selling the likes of Leto, Plessis, etc. would generate a decent fund for us. Worth: 4 million.

Suddenly we have an extra 30 million to spend plus Barry as Alonso’s replacement. With a total sum of 55 million to spend, spending 32 million for Carlos Tevez seems more reasonable. Moreover, we still have an extra 23 million to spend. Benitez has lodged in a take-it-or-leave-it bid on David Silva for around 15 million. With 8 million left, we can purchase a quality right back to provide more depth on that position. We might be 5 million short to buy a classy right-back like Glen Johnson. Now that would be our last step: ASK THE BOARD FOR ANOTHER 5 MILLION! 🙂



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