My Liverpool Moments 1: Robbie Fowler, where it all began.

As Liverpool prepare themselves toward the new season, we can see a glimpse of the future in the likes of Insua, Pacheco and Plessis. I’m as passionate as ever, always thinking that this is our year to win the EPL. For every future, there’s a bright -and not so bright- past. That’s why I want to dedicate my next few columns to some of the unforgettable memories that I’ve had since I first became a true LFC fan in 1993.

Although this would be in no particular order, I feel the necessity to begin with THE ONE that started it all:

The Emergence of a Lad Called ROBBIE FOWLER

To this day, I’m always fascinated with the emergence of young talents in football. Robbie Fowler was arguably the very first teenage footballer that I’ve ever encountered. I still remember the very first time I read about him. A relatively small column on an Indonesian weekly tabloid read : Liverpool’s 18-year old Robbie Fowler scored 5 goals against Fulham. Five!? I’ve heard hattricks before, but five?! Believe it or not, as soon as I finished reading the article I said to myself: this guy is going to be special. The truth is, he’s more than special. He led me from being a mere LFC follower to a passionate fan. Every kid has a footballing hero, for me…it’s him. Nobody else ever came close.



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