One of my many wishes this summer is for Liverpool to offload John-Arne Riise. He’s had some great years at Anfield. Who can forget his rocket against Man Utd? He has been our steady presence on the left, either as a winger or a full-back. Many have questioned his defensive capabilities, but he showed a notable improvement under Rafa Benitez. Football is cruel at times, as one dissappointing season could easily change people’s opinion about a certain player. Just ask Ronaldinho!

Most of us knew his time at Anfield were numbered when Rafa tried in vain to get Gabriel Heinze at the beginning of the season. The deal never materialized as Sir Alex Ferguson was reluctant to let him go to a rival club, but Riise himself would’ve admitted that he was never going to be Benitez’ number 1 choice at left back. Instead of proving his worth, his impact last season has been marginal at best. His off the ball movement, delivery, and even his trademark belters were rarely shown on the pitch. His howler against Chelsea on the semifinal of the Champions League further confirmed his bleak future to the fans.

As of yesterday, John-Arne Riise is officially an AS Roma player. He has been a good servant to Liverpool FC, we will miss his left peg that’s for sure. Good luck to the lad!

Now, an even better news đŸ™‚
DAVID SILVA has finally been linked to our beloved Liverpool FC! This is THE link that I have been waiting for. As I have said in my last blog, he’s such a quality player even with his [seemingly] fragile body. You simply can’t judge pure quality by a player’s physique. Just look at Leonel Messi, anyone who thinks he wouldn’t cut it in the EPL is a lunatic. David Silva is a quality, quality player with an amazing creativity and delivery. He’s truly the missing piece of Liverpool’s jigsaw. He’s more ready than Ryan Babel at the moment, as the latter can be used as a sub in both winger/striker position. Getting Silva is proved to be a problem, however, as Valencia might want at least 20 million for the player. It’s not impossible considering we have a few players that are clearly dispensable. Offloading the likes of: Crouch, Pennant, Carson, and Kewell’s salary would definitely make up for the bid of Silva. Of all the players in the world at the moment, David Silva is the one I really want.

Anyone who watched Xabi Alonso’s performance for Spain a few days ago should wonder: how a player of his quality is worth 14.2 million while Gareth Barry is rated at 20 million? After watching his performance against Greece, I just hope we can keep Xabi at our club. We still need to figure out how to get the best out of Xabi when Gerrard is on the same pitch. [Note: read my previous blog: ‘Defending Xabi Alonso’]. His passing is second only to Andrea Pirlo, his playmaking ability is top notch. There’s always a room for a player of his quality at ANY club, let alone Liverpool FC.

In case you find this piece boring, let me sum it all up in one sentance: Keep Xabi, Get Silva, Forget Barry, I’d be Happy.



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