Transfer talk…

Just read our fresh link with David Bentley again, which is good to see after the Gareth Barry saga. I just couldn’t believe Aston Villa put a 20 million price tag on the player. He’s a good player and their captain alright, and they know Liverpool want him badly. Still, I think that 20 million for Gareth Barry is way too steep. That means he’s almost twice as good as Xabi Alonso, whom Liverpool bought for 10.2 million from Sociedad. Meanwhile, Liverpool have accepted Juventus’ 14.2 million bid for Xabi. I think that’s about the right price to get Gareth Barry to Anfield as well. If the resources are right, David Bentley would cost us 12 million due to his expiring contract next season. That’s a fair price in my opinion. He should be able to bring more flair ind creativity into our side. His delivery is superb, and I’d like to see him play alongside Gerrard and Barry.

That brings us to one position that we also need an upgrade upon: Left wing. While Ryan Babel has done a tremendous job on the left, he’s still young and inconsistent at times. Babel is a player with bags of potential, yet he sometimes can disappear from a game. It’s important for us to have another option on the left while Babel is still developing consistency to his game. We’ve been linked with Albert Riera of Espanyol, a player I really like. He doesn’t have the blinding speed and power of Babel, but he has a very good left foot and an eye for goal. He has a good stature as well, an aspect which I think important due to the physical nature of EPL. Pennant and Benayoun are too fragile and could easily dispossed by opponents. Having players that can withstand the physical aspect of the game would really help the club in maintaining possession and creating more chances for the forward(s).

I don’t watch EURO 2008 a lot since England is not there. But on the games that I have watched, Turkey’s Arda Turan has really caught my attention. He’s fast and tricky winger with good crossing ability. He seems to revel on the left side although he’s right-footed. Hopefully Rafa can spot him!
David Silva is another player that I admire. Although he hasn’t really shine in this tournament, we could see that he’s an amazing talent. I may have contradict my own assesment regarding his physique, but Silva is just too skilfull to be ignored. His left foot is something special, as the assist for Torres indicated. He’s fast and mobile as well, making him a very difficult player to mark. Oh and I already told you about his awesome left foot did I? Yeah, I think I did.

I can’t wait until EURO 2008 is over, really. I just want these linked players wear our red jersey with a Livercrest on their chest!



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