Sickening view…

I thought I wouldn’t be watching the game at all. I was wrong, kind of. I mean, ESPN was showing useless sportshows and there was nothing good on Food Network. So I HAD to switch to the dreaded ESPN2 during my lunchtime. (Un)Luckily for me, I saw both goals during a somewhat dry first half. It was a pain for me watching the likes of Wes Brown and Malouda on the pitch. I wonder how on earth Chelsea and Man Utd won most of their games with these players around? Then I suddenly realize that we have a certain Norwegian who probably has equal skill but with half of their brains 😦

No wonder…

Some say it’s luck, some would say it’s destiny. There’s a very thin line between the two anyway. Penalties are never a good way to settle a match, but there can only be one winner in the end. I couldn’t believe John Terry slipped at the most crucial moment of his career. He has done way too much to be considered a villain, but he might feel that he could be the one who’d write a new history for CFC. Not meant to be, I suppose. Poor lad.

This was BY FAR the most unanticipated Champs League Final in history. I mean, two teams that I hate the most were up against each other. It just couldn’t get worse than that. Am I really a football fan? I don’t think so. I used to watch more football when I was 16 or 17, I loved to watch other teams play and I always compared their style of play to Liverpool’s. Now, I just watch my Liverpool and nothing else (well, maybe England whenever they play for major tourneys). The world of football means almost nothing to me, as I always believe it revolves around Liverpool FC.



One thought on “Sickening view…

  1. at least its not gerrard in terry’s position.. it would ruin my whole week or month or year even haha..btw, i’m another “live, breathe n die as liv” fans.. 🙂

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