Workout, resumed…

So, I had been forced to skip my training regime due to illness. Now I’m feeling good again, ready to go on with my workout!

Liverpool reserves have been crowned National Champions, there’s hope for the future I suppose. Too bad I’ve never seen them for the full 90 minutes, so I can’t really assess player by player in a thorough manner. As far as I can see, Nemeth and Insua are the real deal. Plessis is a decent player, although he offers almost nothing offensively. El-Zhar looked good based on his final outing. The future looks promising indeed.

And guess what? Sammy Lee has returned to our beloved club! He’s a superb coach and has a very good influence on young players. So I reckon we’re going to be better next season with him around! No disrespect to Alex Miller, who has done a great job as Benitez’ right hand man, Sammy Lee’s pedigree as a top-notch coach and a manager will ease Benitez’ coaching task considerably. Losing Pake Ayesteran has had a real effect on Benitez’ efficiency as a manager and coach, by having someone as good as Sammy Lee alongside him, Benitez can focus on what he does best: tactics!

Peter Crouch. Not worth 15 million pounds, but certainly more than 8 millions that’s for sure! I think he needs to go, not because he’s a bad player, but more because of our current system. Playing with 1 forward suits us better. Plus, Benitez likes a forward who has good mobility, not just a targetman. That’s why we were linked with Kenwyne Jones, who can do both jobs decently. Thank God it never materialized though!

If Barry do come, it will signal an end to Xabi Alonso’s career. I still think Xabi is a smashing player, but his lack of agility makes him an easy man-marking target. Other teams can easily neutralize his wonderful passing ability by either man-marking or put an extra pressure on the player. Gareth Barry doesn’t have Xabi’s vision and passing range, but he has enough agility and strength to keep the ball. In all, I’m happy with both players. Be it Barry or Xabi, I think they can do a good job as one of our 2-man central midfield.

On Kewell’s news, I’m gutted for him. I love him as a player, but at the same time I know that his legs and fitness have given up on him. He will never recapture his best form at Leeds. Seriously we need a new #7. A new Keegan, a new Dalglish, a new…to a certain extent…McManaman. We need a #7 who can run past defenders, create, and score goals. We need that ultimate player to finish the jigsaw. We need a Messi, or whoever good enough to wear that famous #7 shirt. Let’s hope Benitez brings the true #7 next season. Roy Evans gave McManaman a chance to shine, and he did, kind of. Houllier splashed on Harry Kewell whom I really thought to be our messiah, I was wrong…but Houllier was ALWAYS wrong! I’m confident with Benitez though. I believe he will deliver a player worthy of that magnificent 7 jersey!



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