Day 4: Soreness all over…

Missed the morning session. I woke up @ 10.30AM after a tiring night playing bball with friends. I decided to push myself a little on my 2nd session. I think I finished my 2-mile running faster than before. It was tiring though, my legs & thighs are still hurting. In fact, I feel sore all over my body. I’ve been doing light weight lifting, hopefully I’ll be able to do my pushups soon.

I’m having trouble reading soccer news after THAT loss. I just can’t wait for summer transfers and pre-season, that’s where renewed hope and expectation come. I’m excited about the prospect of Insua and Nemeth, I think they would do well in the first team next season. As for Anderson, Hammil, and Guthrie, I still have to take a closer look at them as I haven’t seen them in action this season. I’ve seen Danny Guthrie a few times, he looked good IMO. He passes the ball well, plus he has good energy to play efficiently as a central midfielder.

As I’ve been telling my friends every season: next season is ours!



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