Day 3: Feelin the Blues…

I think we are even now. Garcia’s ‘ghost’ goal, Liverpool were meant to be in the Champs League final that year. Riise’s 94th minute howler gave Chelsea an undeserved draw, this time Chelsea are meant to be in the Champs League final. I just hope they would win it all.
Our lack of depth was clearly exposed yesterday. The likes of Anelka and Malouda proved to be decisive in the end. Although I questioned Benitez’ decision to bring Pennant into the game instead of going 442 with Peter Crouch, we clearly don’t have enough quality to match Chelsea for 120 minutes. We never gave up, but credit to Chelsea, they had the mentality and concentration of worthy winners. They didn’t give Liverpool a chance to mark our authority after Torres scored. Unlike AC Milan in 2005, they didn’t crumble under pressure. There were moments when Liverpool really took the game into Chelsea’s own half, yet they defended superbly. At home or away from home, we’ve got to admire Chelsea’s discipline. It’s Jose Mourinho’s legacy, yet Avram Grant is the one who has taken them to their first European Cup Final.
For Liverpool, it’s back to the drawing board. Clearly we need more quality to outscore world class opponents such as Chelsea. Torres and Babel are quality players, but we definitely need 3-4 more to challenge for next season. Right back, left back, wingers, and another quality striker are vital to our quest for a Premiership title.

I’m feeling awful now, but there’s always hope for the future.



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