Day 2: Not Enough

Missed the 2nd session. I overslept, damn it! I have to put extra effort tomorrow to make amends. I did more weight training than usual during my 1st session. My forearms are sore now, hopefully I still can lift some tomorrow.

I was just on time to watch Man Utd – Barcelona game. Barcelone didn’t deserve anything from the match. They were simply awful on the final third of the pitch. 62% possession counted for nothing. I think it’s down to the tempo. Slow football may work well in Spain, but you have to play with higher tempo against British opponents. English teams tend to press their opponents from the front, so you don’t have a lot of time to think for your next pass or movement. The result, the attack can be broken down easily because English teams will force you to rush your passes. The best way to counter their tactic is to play with a good target man that can hold the ball without sacrificing the high tempo. Another way is to play like Arsenal, by passing the ball swiftly and quickly in a very penetrative way. Lots of off the ball running is involved, that’s why it’s very difficult to play the Arsenal way.

Less than 12 hours to the biggest game of the season for Liverpool. I believe we can win it. We are due a win against Chelsea this season. Rob Styles robbed our victory in August. We played better than them at the Bridge. Riise’s error gave them an undeserved draw. Really, we are due a win against them. Three (or four?) years unbeaten at the Bridge. There’s a first for everything, in this case: a win at the Bridge. Come on you Reds!!!


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